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Yair Daon

Postdoctoral fellow

Yair Daon obtained his PhD from Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, MSc from the Weizmann Institute of Science, and BSc from Tel Aviv University. He worked on causal and spatial spread of infectious diseases, as well as optimal pooling strategies for mass testing.

Avis photo.PNG
Avi Baraz

MSc student

Avi Baraz was an MSc student in the department of Statistics (under joint supervision with Dr. Daniel Nevo), with a bachelor's degree in statistics and economics from The Hebrew University. He was researching antibiotic resistance from a causal inference perspective, using time-varying coefficients models and machine learning tools. He went on to be a PhD student in the School of Public Health.

Noam Ben-Zuk

MSc student

Noam Ben-Zuk was an MSc student in the Faculty of Medicine. She holds a biology bachelor's degree from Tel-Aviv University. Her research involved the assessment of non-pharmaceutical interventions against the spread of COVID-19 using an individual-based simulation.

Igor Mintz

MPH student

Igor Mintz was an MPH student in the Faculty of Medicine. He holds a Physiotherapy bachelor's degree from Haifa University. In the last few years, Igor has complemented his skills by learning coding and machine learning techniques. His research involved predicting antibiotic resistance patterns of hospitalized patients using machine learning.

Talila Perry

MPH student

Talila Perry was an MPH student in the Faculty of Medicine (joint supervision with Prof. Chava Peretz). She holds an MD and a BSc in Biology and Communications from Tel Aviv University. She is passionate about environmental epidemiology and the effects of climate change on human health, as well as research based on clinical data. Her research involved studying the effects of ambient heat on mortality. 


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