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The Team

Uri Obolski

Principal Investigator

Dr. Obolski holds a BSc in mathematics, and an MSc and PhD in computational biology from Tel Aviv University. He conducted his postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford as an EMBO research fellow. He has been a senior lecturer in Tel Aviv University since July 2019. 

Stacey Cherny


Stacey Cherny obtained a PhD in Psychology (behavior genetics) from the University of Colorado Boulder and has focussed his research in the area of statistical genetics. He now concentrates on statistical analysis of antibiotic resistance.

Maya Diamant.jpg
Maya Diamant


Maya Diamant obtained her PhD in Game Theory from Tel Aviv University. Her research focuses on game theoretic models of decision making regarding antibiotic prescription.

Avis photo.PNG
Avi Baraz

PhD student

Avi Baraz is a PhD candidate in the school of public health (under joint supervision with Dr. Daniel Nevo), researching antibiotic resistance from a statistical causal inference perspective. He holds an MSc degree in statistics from Tel Aviv university, and a bachelor's degree in statistics and economics from The Hebrew University. In his research, he utilizes time-varying coefficient models and machine learning tools.

Sigal Fleishman

PhD student

Sigal Fleishman is a PhD candidate in the School of Public Health (under the joint supervision of Prof. Leonard Leibovici) conducting research on antibiotic resistance. She holds both a BSc and an MSc degree in Statistics from Tel Aviv University. In her research, she focuses on optimizing antibiotic treatment for bacteremia by applying machine learning and AI models.

Yaki Saciuk.jpg
Yaki Saciuk

PhD student

Yaki Saciuk  is pursuing a PhD in the School of Public Health, concentrating his research on antibiotic resistance in outpatient settings. He holds an MPH degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an MA in economics from Bar-Ilan University, and a bachelor's degree in economics and philosophy from The Hebrew University. Presently, Yaki works as  an epidemiologic researcher at the KSM Institute.

Dor Atias

MPH student

Dor Atias is an MPH student in the Faculty of Medicine (under joint supervision with Prof. Noam Shomron). He holds an MD degree from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His research focus is on predicting sustained opioid use among pediatric patients using machine learning. 

Shoham Baruch

MPH student

Shoham Baruch is an MD student in the Faculty of Medicine. He holds a Life Sciences bachelor's degree from Tel Aviv University. He currently works as a research assistant. He will start his MPH degree next year, studying antibiotic resistance in the pediatric setting.

Gal Beck

MA student

Gal Beck is a MA student in the Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences. He holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a master's degree in Business Administration, both from Tel Aviv University. In the last few years Gal has been part of PayPal Risk research & development center in Tel Aviv, focusing on developing and implementing machine learning techniques to prevent hackers from taking over PayPal's customers accounts. Gal is conducting a computational study to better understand the implications of climate variability, climate change, and climate intervention on future mosquito-borne disease outbreaks.

Daniel Bernstein

MPH student

Daniel Bernstein is an MPH student in the Faculty of Medicine. She graduated from Joyce & Irving Goldman medical school of Ben-Gurion University in 2020. She works on the kinetics of inflammatory markers over the course of infection as a surrogate for pathogen characteristics and immune system function, focussing on predicting antibiotic resistance using C- Reactive Protein (CRP) kinetics among inpatients. In her recent study, she has demonstrated that CRP kinetics can differentiate between bacterial and viral infections.

Nimrod Harel

MSc student

Nimrod Harel is an MSc student in Computer Science (under joint supervision with Prof. Ran-Gilad Bachrach). He is an alumnus of the Adi Lautman interdisciplinary program for outstanding students at Tel-Aviv University. His research investigates the question of feature importance for local instances, along with birth induction data analytics to predict delivery mode (normal vaginal delivery, vacuum, or cesarean surgery).

תמונה .jpg
Moti Melamed

MSc student

Moti Melamed is a MSC student in the Faculty of Environmental Science at Tel Aviv University. He holds a BSC degree in life sciences from Bar-Ilan University, specializing in cellular and medical molecular biology. Currently, Moti serves as a senior inspector in the Department of Environmental Health in the Ministry of Health, specialized in the field of recreational water. In addition, he is an external lecturer in the field of water quality and prevention of morbidity in resort water at several colleges. His research is focused on comparison between the effect of climatic and anthropogenic variables on chemical consumption and the actual results of physicochemical and microbial tests of water, while distinguishing between open-air swimming pools and water sources in Israel.

Yossi Nahmias

MSc student

Yossi Nahmias is an M.Sc student in the Safra Bioinformatics program.  He holds a B.Sc degree in Computer Science from Open University of Israel.
In his research, Yossi implements epidemic control planning by combining agent-based simulations and reinforcement learning.


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